Out of Town, but not out of words

Hey gang,

A short post today to let you know that since last Wednesday, I’ve been called away for work related training, family business, and the usual stuff that comes from life. I’ll be back to posting this coming Monday.

What you can look forward to though in the next few weeks is Tower Defense Week, where I review five different tower defense games and describe what I like and dislike about the genre, more reviews of board games and their expansions, an RSS feed, and the eventual launch of my personal website. So stay tuned!


World Wide Wrestling – My First Steps into the Apocalypse Engine

For a while, I was running a Legend of the Five Rings campaign, but due to a seven or eight week hiatus, my interest in the game was just not there any longer. Especially since two of the members of the group were not able to continue as well, it seemed pointless to continue the story, especially given how I refuse to run games that no longer wow me.


This past Sunday, I suggested that we start a new campaign, trying out a two hour session format using World Wide Wrestling. We did group character creation, played out a shortened episode, and these are my thoughts.

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Kung Fury: The Video Game


Kung Fury was recently released as a free short film on Steam, and in a word it’s awesome and silly, but in a way that pokes fun at the action films of the 80’s. The Movie Author blog describes it best with the following quote.

All that is impossible becomes possible by bending the rules, is the narrative of the film.

But we’re not here to talk about the movie. A companion video game was made available as well for a few bucks American. Was it worth the purchase?

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Board Game Review: Lords & Ladies

I say, good AFGNCAP, did you hear that Lord William of M was at a bar last night? The Windup Space for their monthly boards and brews. There, he got to try a game released last year entitled Lords & Ladies. It’s inspired by Downtown Abbey, which the blighter and rogue hasn’t even seen, but you play as a lord or lady of a manor trying to build your status and fame by creating a dynasty of multiple generations and a competent house staff, all the while paying off your fellow noble houses when they discover that you’re grandnephew has been shtupping the maid.

Read further if you confirm this rumor.

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Mad Max: Fury Road – What a Lovely Film


Last night, I went to Towson’s Cinemark Theater and sat down to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. I should preface this with saying I have not seen any of the Mad Max movies and came in expecting something akin to Hokuto no Ken or Necromunda since I was only marginally aware of the influence that these franchises had on one another.

If you’re looking for a TLDR version of my thoughts, I liked the movie a lot and would watch it again.

But let’s get into why.
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Slash Needs Writers

The producers of the card game Slash are looking for writers of PG-13 or NC-17 rated slash fiction. Now, they would like you to submit samples before sending them submissions, but if you have a secret spank bank in your head or just like writing screwed up fiction, it’s definitely worth a look. Five cents for mini-fics of a few hundred words isn’t bad for something that could be done over a cup of coffee before work or before taking a strangely long bubble bath.

Needless to say, I applied and submitted some of the smutty fiction that I’ve written for Odesk as well as my Unicuffs work since a guy who can write smut and turn around and write marketing blogs as an angry unicorn have to have some cred, right?

Dating AI is a Great Read

While I get my notes together for Tower Defense Week, I wanted to touch base on a book I’ve been reading entitled, “Dating AI: A guide to falling in love with Artifical Intelligence” by Alex Zhavoronkoff, PHD.

This book, when you look at the cover and read the opening sections, seems to be an ironic preparatory guide offering advice on the realities of forming romantic relationships with sentient A.I. The book promises us steps to have romance with avatars or androids the likes of Bob or Dot Matrix from the animated series ReBoot or EDI from Mass Effect.

But beneath the discussions on the mutability of AI gender and artificial insemination for sexual procreation, I noticed that the book is really a self-help guide. It discusses the importance of knowing one self, consideration for a partner’s desire to improve through learning and experience, and how to not be a boring dullard.

Alex Zhavoronkoff’s book is a pleasure to read, especially as it does discuss the growth of emotive experiences such as growing attached to romance options in video games to the allure of cyber relationships.

Now, I’m still reading the book (I just started it in earnest this past Wednesday in between calls at the job), but I will be doing a full review when I’m finished.

What have you been reading lately?