3 Day Campaigns – A Project

I’ve taken about a month and a half now off from GMing any games (something that I recommend all GMs to do at least once every two years if not more), and it’s been refreshing and enlightening. I’m seeing some of my flaws (Combat being used too often as a challenge mechanic) and strengths (Interesting and fun NPCs and dialogue). But I’m nearing that point that the Forever-GM has where they are ready to jump back into the saddle.

But, I wanted to try something new and create module~ish type things for the games that I have (and therefore get some game writing practice). So, I propose a Three-Day Campaign challenge.

I’m basing it off the ideas from this article at RPG Musings, and plan on having a pdf available for the campaign prompts I come up with.

The way it works is to, over the course of 3 days, create the following to make a rock solid foundation of a campaign.

  1. The Main Villain: (Don’t worry about stats just yet. Just get a name, what their goals/motivations are, and what resources they are likely to have. The stats should come later)
  2. The Starting Location: (Write up a paragraph or two about the first location the players  will get to interact with. Don’t worry about NPCs or adventure hooks at this stage, we just want a visual picture of what will likely be the campaign’s homebase)
  3. Recent Events: (Write up a paragraph or two about the recent history of the region. Was there a natural disaster? Perhaps a goblin war just ended ten years ago? This brainstorming will help color everything else.)

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t bother talking about NPCs beyond the villain. The NPCs that the players interact with frequently should be of interest to them, and the villain whose the focal point of the campaign is more like a force of nature, in the background until they can be dealt with.

The games I’ll be working on are…

  • Only War
  • New World of Darkness (Human, Werewolf, Vampire)
  • Legend of the Five Rings
  • Mouse Guard
  • Star Wars (FFG)

I did a random roll and I’m going to start with New World of Darkness, and will be doing a Humans chronicle write up.

As a preview, I call it Psychics vs Skinchangers and I should have the villain description later today.


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